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Family Gathering in Fullerton, CA - 1996
Felicitas and Mendez Family at a recognition ceremony in Los Angeles for Felicitas.
Johanna (niece) and Sylvia. Johanna also makes
herself available to speak to audiences.
Siblings - Gonzalo Jr., Jerome, Sylvia and Sandra.
Photo taken at Santa Ana College, Hall of Fame Reception -
May 2005
Family Photo taken in 1997 in front of the School Board right after the announcement was made
that the name of the new intermediate school in Santa Ana, CA would be named:
Photo taken in September 1994 with Sylvia and Sandra Mendez. Aunt Sally
Vidaurri, Alice Vidaurri and Oliva Vidaurri
Hispanic heritage Awards in Washington D.C. on October 11, 2007. Sylvia was awarded The
National PTA Life Achievement Award (the highest honor a PTA can bestow) for the Mendez
family. The Mendez name will be published annually in the life Achievement Honor Roll.
Pictured from left to right - Sandra Mendez-Duran, Diana Duran, Sylvia Mendez
and Author Beta Martinez