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Gonzalo & Felicitas Mendez Fundamental Intermediate School
and US Stamp
On September 14, 2007, the USPS held a "First Day of Issue Ceremony" at the Gonzalo and Felicitas Mendez
Fundamental Intermediate School in Santa Ana, California. Master of Ceremonies, Marie Therese Dominguez,
Vice President of Government Relations for the United States Postal Service introduced honored guests,
Thurgood Marshall, Jr., Member, Board of Governors United States Postal Service, The Honorable Lorette
Sanchez, United States House of Representatives, Gladys Limon, Fried Frank Fellow Staff Attorney Mexican
American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Sylvia Mendez, Daughter of plaintiff and Mistala Mendez-Mooney,
Granddaughter of plaintiff.
Thurgood Marshall, Jr. and Sylvia Mendez
Mendez siblings. From left to right; Jerry Mendez, Sylvia
Mendez, Sandra Mendez-Duran, Gonzalo Mendez, Jr. and
Phillip Mendez.
Sylvia Mendez with stamp artist Raphael Lopez